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Dr. Steven M. Greer once told me, “Consciousness is the science of the next millennia.”
Those words marked my path, and I pursued the topic of consciousness even further.

Erwin Schrödinger, the father of quantum physics, advised humanity that there is only “one mind in this universe.” Everything is interlinked and omnipresent. Time and space is not what physics previously thought it was, and consciousness truly became a hot topic of many investigations. 

Alexandra actively studied consciousness in forms of hypnotherapy, healing modalities, and mind techniques, since 2006

In 2019, Alexandra earned a master's degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies at faculty of psychology at John F. Kennedy University, USA. 

Her final project was to study Superconsciousness, and Alexandra is one of the very few, who is specialized in superconsciousness. 

Alexandra still continues her extensive research reaching beyond her university degree. She is trained in two hypnosis modalities working with superconsciousness, and she gathered intriguing data in this field.

We are just waiting for the mainstream to catch up, to enable everyone to know the secrets of their existence and benefit from it in harmonious ways.

The transformation of humanity consciousness is not going to happen from the external source but rather from the internal shifts.

We are all, as individuals responsible for our consciousness evolution. 

Consciousness: About
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Expand Your Consciousness

How Do We Perceive Consciousness?

  • Everything is our mere subjective experience

  • We bring it into our awareness with our MIND

  • Mind is awareness

  • Through our faculties of awareness/mind/consciousness we translate the external or internal data into an experience. 

How Do We Expand/Develop Consciousness? 

  • Working with mind/body/soul/spirit. 

  • Ken Wilber's model of Enlightenment Grow Up - Wake Up - Clean Up = Show Up

The first step is clearing, cleansing, and healing that which does no longer serve us. 

  • Changing our belief systems.

  • Working with our EGO and SOUL. 

  • Healing our emotions. 

Healing our past and building our new future. The present moment is the key. 

Hypnotherapy, other healing modalities, meditations, and altered states of consciousness are wonderful to assist. 

All our WORKSHOPS are specifically designed for organic Expansion of Consciousness. 

Connection to Higher Self

Astral Travel 

Remote Viewing

Psychic Abilities

Becoming SuperConscious

Consciousness: About
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Read our article

Published in Yoga Life ME 

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"The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness."

Consciousness: Quote

Grow Up - Wake Up - Clean Up - Show Up
3 Ways to Live Your Truth

This is the sign you've been waiting for!

Resting Outdoors


You Are in Control


Learn how to heal, change, transform, and direct. 

So you can live the life you always wanted. 


Astral Travel

Remote Viewing

Psychic Abilities


Access Your Inner Powers

We are more than the physical body. 
Tap into your Full Potential. 
Discover your Soul and Spirit. 
Learn to work wit your Light Body. 
Be Extra-ordinary.



You Have the Power

Find your Inner Peace. 
Connect to your Self. 
Master your Mind, Focus, Emotions.

Consciousness: Services & Goals

Grow Up - 
- Wake Up
Clean Up - 
- Show Up

HYPNOTHERAPY & WORKSHOPS are designed to help you with this process. 

Ken Wilber from Integral Life: 

"...the typical, conventional, orthodox Western psychologies only deal with the illusory self—the finite, conventional, skin‑encapsulated ego. Its typical developmental processes are altogether called the path of Growing Up.

So we have the path of Waking Up—which deals with ultimate Reality, with the Ground of all Being, with the divine Self and infinite Spirit—and we have the path of Growing Up—which deals with the finite self, the ordinary, conventional, typical small self and its changes, the path of Growing Up."

On the path, an individual is challenged to Cleaning Up their repressed, unconscious shadow material. In other words, cleaning up is the ongoing process of healing and transformation. 

Showing Up in the world is the fulfilment, the ultimate goal of satisfaction we strive for. Living authentically

Consciousness: Text

Basic Levels of Consciousness

As we work with it.


Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind is only about 10% of our mind.

(John Kappas Theory of The Mind)

It is our Critical Mind - a filter through which we see the world. 

  • belief systems and rules

  • analysis

  • competition 

  • will power

  • rational​

  • shallow form of thought


  • For many this is our Identity 

This is where the part of our EGO ​resides. 

Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind contains the majority of our mind.

It is thousand times more powerful than our Conscious Mind! 

  • emotions

  • feelings

  • memories

  • beliefs

  • attitudes

  • habits


  • influences us from the past experiences

The part of nature, the part of our SOUL resides here. ​

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Superconscious Mind

Our connection to the higher wisdom, our guide on the journey through life. 

  • higher consciousness

  • higher Self

  • deeper intuition/knowing

  • meaning / connection

  • beyond reality

  • transcendental views

  • elevated emotions unconditional love, joy, excitement

  • spiritual healing

This is where the part of our SPIRIT resides. 

All our activities are aimed to work with all levels and states of consciousness the most organically.

Consciousness: Services & Goals

Altered States of Consciousness

Other than the ordinary states of consciousness, a state different from a "normal" waking state. 

Ways to shed all previous restrictions and dive into our subconscious, then superconsciousness and even further. Experiences of 

  • mystical,

  • spiritual,

  • peak experiences.

Induced by meditation, chanting, prayer, hypnosis, breathwork, etc., also chemicals or trauma. 

Consciousness: Text

Integral Theory helps explain modern life's complexities, combining insights from all major fields of study including arts, humanities, and sciences.

We work with development of consciousness from many different views.

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