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CE - 5
Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind

CE - 5

My first CE-5 expedition with Dr. Steven Greer happened in 2015.

It changed my life, and ever since I am part of CE-5 groups around the world. 

Currently, I am running CE-5 group in the Czech Republic. 

I set up CE-5 Dubai, UAE in 2015 with active participation, and extraordinary experiences until 2020. 

As seen in the latest Greer's movie Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.

CE - 5: About

What is CE - 5

CE-5 contact protocol was co-created by Dr. Steven Greer and several extraterrestrials in 1973.

The beings shared with Greer the importance of teaching this protocol to humans, which he started to do in earnest a few decades later.

Human initiated contact does of course exist outside the protocol that was imparted to him. In our current era many groups, as well, shamans of indigenous cultures around the world, have a fluid connection to ET.

We can assume in all likelihood that throughout all of human history some of us along the way have figured out how to make phone calls to outer space.

Dr. Greer founded the group CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in 1990.

With Dr. Greer implementing and teaching the protocol through that group, and through Kosta Makreas' unifying organization “The People’s Disclosure Movement,” (sponsored by ET Let's Talk), the name “CE-5” has spread around the world.

Many diverse groups make contact either inspired by CE-5 or in their own way. While no-one knows exactly how many individuals or groups regularly participate in CE-5 around the world, it’s estimated to be well over a thousand... and growing. 

CE - 5: Text
CE - 5: Pro Gallery
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A few notes about CE 5

The original protocol involves connection to one-mind consciousness and using your mind to visualize vectoring in ET to your location to show them where you are.

Following someone else’s directions to a “T” has nothing to do with whether you will make contact or not. You’ll make contact when you’re ready, in your own way.

The best protocol is discovered when you follow your own guidance and make it your own.

You’ll need to consciously connect to Source both in your daily life and during CE-5s.

It’s very helpful to connect on a regular basis in order to become more adept at accessing this state of mind, which is your true essence.

If you don't get the hang of visualization or meditation, don’t sweat it. It’s not central to the work, it just augments it. You can raise your vibration by many other means.

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