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Astral Travel & Beyond

with Alexandra McKenzie BSc, MA, CHt

Astral Travel: Welcome

Astral Travel, Out-Of-Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Altered States of Consciousness

Explore beyond the physical realm of your perceptions.

This workshop teaches unique methods of how to safely expand your consciousness, how to work with the subtle aspects of your existence, and how to experience a phenomenon known as "Out-of-Body Experience." 

This is an advanced workshop and it progresses into level II - Astral Travel and Remote Viewing, and level III - Astral Travel and Psychokinesis. 

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LIVE ONLINE Astral Travel Workshop is available NOW

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Alexandra McKenzie BSc, MA, CHt

I have been Astral Travelling since I was a

child, and such experiences are still enriching my whole life. 

In 2012, I was told to teach Astral Travel as the means of psycho-spiritual development of humanity, known as ascension.

It is a work with the non-physical part of who we are, our SOUL, our True Self. 

I am running workshops internationally already since 2014. 

Astral Travel: Welcome

Why is Astral Travel important?

Robert Monroe said, "We are more than the physical body."

Life is beyond mere physical experiences, and Astral Travel teaches us how to understand and work with the non-physical component of our SELF.

This activity can also be described as “soul travel to other levels of existence.”

Through practicing the process of Astral Travel, be it during meditation, lucid dreaming, or hypnagogic or hypnopompic states, we discover the knowledge of our Self, principles of this universe, consciousness, manifestation, healing, resolving issues, meeting other beings, and much more...

You learn emotional mastery, changing emotions on demand. The emotions are our frequencies and vibrations, and they determine which universe we enter. 

One of the most important parts of Astral Travel is that astral traveller becomes to understand life and death, therefore, the fear of death and what is “after” diminishes.

William Buhlman, lead teacher on OBEs, talks about this in his latest book – saying that “death is a launch pad” or a quote from the workshops... 

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7 Principles of
Astral Travel

Explore our NEW BOOK - a guide to astral travel!

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Astral Travel Workshop


Astral Travel workshop Level 1

“You are more than your physical body,” Robert Monroe.

Did you know you have abilities beyond the physical?

Would you like to learn how to work with your light body? 

This workshops covers phenomena of astral travel, astral projection, out-of-body experience, remote viewing, and your natural extrasensory perceptions. 

Astral Travel is an ability known as an out-of-body experience. It is a work with our light body, the part of ourselves that some may perceive as our soul.

The practice enables us to explore the universe, different realities, but most importantly, such experiences expand our consciousness; open our minds to possibilities that reside deep within. 

Astral Travel Level 2 - Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is “sensing” a distant or unseen object with our mind.

It is a practice of collecting data or impressions of a remote object, person, pet, or situation.

In this instance, Remote Viewing is taught as an advanced form of Astral Travel.

Learn about your abilities in a safe environment with a professional hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, astral traveller, and a remote viewer, Alexandra McKenzie BSc, MA, CHt.

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Astral Travel: Services & Goals
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Teach Yourself to Astral Travel

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